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Smart Spa Vanilla Plum Triple Action Fresh Soak 8oz

Item # QTVPFS01
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What is Smrt Spa Vanilla Plum Triple Action Fresh Soak
What Vanilla Wild Plum Triple Action Fresh Soak Smells Like
How to Use Vanilla Plum Triple Action Fresh Soak

Three in one, all-purpose soaks gives you the perfect hand or foot bath to prepare for manicures or pedicures. QTICA Smart Spa Anti-Bacterial Soaks soften water, kill and prevent bacteria and provide relaxing aromatherapy with an advanced medical-grade formula. Cutting-edge foam control technology manages foam level even in whirlpools.

Sweet and feminine, Vanilla Wild Plum is a scent to start your day off on a perfectly pleasant note, or cap it off the same way.

Professional use: Add one capful to water prior to soaking.

Home use: Follow professional instructions.

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